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Terms & Conditions

Kindly Read our Terms & conditions Before Joining

  1. Your will be terminated when following Conditions Match:
    - If you have not posted any ads or at least 100 ads within two months of Joining.
    - If you are Submitting Invalid links regularly.
    - If you are posting Ads on Junk Websites like auto traffic, auto surf and auto click generating websites.
    - If you are Modifying the Ad content & Posting Ads on our Name and without our permission.
  2. We never provide any guarantee for your earnings. Your level of success depends upon your ability. We are not responsible if you are not able to earn from this program. We will provide support only through Email for any issue.
  3. In case we found you are using any software, or manipulating details, or altering Ad matter or doing any harmful/illegal activities that can generate more money than your membership ID will be immediately terminated without any prior notice.
  4. We will be providing the training for posting in classifieds through Video demo and we are not responsible if you are not able to understand the work by seeing the demo. You have to follow the instruction accordingly to the demo and you have done the work accordingly to the demo.
  5. We will give demo for only one classifieds whereas you have to understand the concept and you have to post in other classifieds. Sometimes the classifieds will be entirely different from the one which is displayed in demo. You have to register in classifieds if it asks for registration.
  6. While submitting the links in your member area you have to give the proper Ad Reference number. Links submitted with wrong Ad Reference number will be deleted. It will be explained with Member Area demo. Ad reference number will be in your "Ad Content list"
  7. In a Single classified you can post the Ad only for one time in a single day and you should give a Gap of 10 days to post again in same classifieds. Since while posting ads in each classifieds they will record your IP address. Some classifieds will allow single posting from a single IP. So to generalize for all classifieds and to protect our advertiser you cannot post even the different Ad content in same classifieds for 10 days.
  8. Please understand our referral program properly before joining.
  9. We can change our plans and plan rates at any time without any notice.
  10. You are not able to submit AD links during holidays.
  11. If you are unable to work and your account is active then we will refund 50% of your registration fees .
  12. "Terms and Conditions" can be changed as per company requirements at any time. Before starting work please clear all your doubts later on dispute related to above mentioned points will not be entertained.